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Kindness: A Touch of Class

There are many times in life that I’ve contemplated what I believe to be the Qi of life — the essence, or energetic quality that gives people an extra verve/meaning to their existence.  For me, this would come down to one word – kindness.  Kindness is the touch of class that makes my life sparkle.  Giving it, receiving it, sharing it, feeling it – they all make my heart sing and dance with joy and exuberance.

I can name a number of kindnesses that I appreciate.  There’s the obvious: a sincere compliment.  We’ve all heard the less-than-sincere or sarcastic “well, I’m glad you had a good time” or “that dress looks great on you” (as they stare at your bloated midsection); or your spouse saying “that was a  really nice meal” for a simple spaghetti dinner you’ve made after an argument.  And these too have value in my mind.  Because they didn’t need to be said, but someone has chosen to say something kind rather than unkind.  Sarcasm always reminds me that allowing others to experience joy is itself a gift of kindness and some are not as generous as others in sharing this gift.  Seeing others happy never takes away from my own happiness; rather, I know it adds to my own.

But back to kindnesses.  Here are some more that I appreciate:

– when someone tries to make me laugh when I’m having a bad day

– when someone laughs at my jokes because they know that at least I think they’re funny!

– a gift of treats (or any other gift really) “just because” — i.e., for no particular reason

– a smile

– that understanding look from the person you’re speaking with because you connect over some trouble that neither wants to fully discuss (e.g., sickness/death of a friend or family member/any loss)

– slowing down to let in another car on the road

– pay-it-forward ideas

– enjoying an activity with another only because it is enjoyable to the other and not reminding them about this fact

– calling/emailing or yes, even facebooking (is that a word yet?) just because you were thinking of them (even if you haven’t spoken in years)

Ok, you get the point.  What I’m saying is that I appreciate kindness.  I think it is what provides the Qi of Life.  On a personal level and even on a global level.  Qi is Energy.  Kindness is a positive Qi.  In this blog, I hope to share my experiences and thoughts about health, day-to-day life, and the less-than-easy experiences that can also be shared with compassion and kindness.

Feel free to add any of your favourite acts of kindness here.

May you pass a kind Qi of Life to others as easily as I share my thoughts with you.



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