A Kind Surprise

This week, my husband and I arrived at our Oakville clinic to discover someone had left us (or rather, brought us) two absolutely gorgeous hibiscus trees and left no note, no card, and apparently no witnesses to the drop-off!  How is this possible I wonder?  Since there is always someone here watching who comes in and out of our main doors.  But it is so… and then it occurs to me… this is so incredibly kind.  Just a gesture with no need for attachment to this gesture.  Our day (week/year?) was made and whoever has left this surprise for us will always somehow know that they brought a huge smile to our faces. To whoever this mystery person is: Thank-you.

One of my favourite quotes has always been:

“The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good deed by stealth and have it discovered by accident”

Here’s hoping we still discover our mystery flower-leaver “by accident” — we’d love to share our pleasure with him/her.

I hope that wonderful and mysterious acts brighten all of your days this week as well!


Dr. Menen


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