The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

I came across something so well written today that I had to share it with my own blog readers.  I hope you enjoy it.


Dr. Menen

Some say that there are three views of the world – my viewpoint, your viewpoint and reality. I believe there are only two – the way I choose to see the world and the way you choose to see it. Whilst there may also be an objective reality, this is always superseded by the way we choose to look at it.When the reality of our world is full of negativity, confrontation, fear and sadness, then our viewpoint is that of a wounded soul who seeks to control the outside world in order to bring peace to the inner world.When the reality of our world is full of positivity, co-operation, happiness and compassion, our viewpoint is that of a healing soul who is aware that our viewpoint on reality is always a reflection of the inner world that we create.

The journey to change our viewpoints will last a lifetime, but the decision to change, takes place in a single moment.

Changing the world within and healing the childhood wounds, changes our perception of reality. It takes us on a journey from fear to love.

Remember that what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the butterfly calls a new beginning…


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