What if…

It really WAS easy!

easy and hard way How many times have we heard “well, no one said life was easy” or “it’s not going to be easy, but it’s worth it” or “life is not a bed of roses” (well, you get my point).  There are innumerable ways that we’ve heard this message in our lives.  But maybe it’s our perception of what is or isn’t easy that makes it so.  If we tell ourselves that the task ahead is going to be difficult, it will probably be so.  I suppose the risk in thinking that something is going to be “easy” is that we won’t work as hard for it or we won’t appreciate the results or the accomplishment will be less meaningful in general.  Why?  Maybe we’ve been taught all of our lives that good things come with difficulty or that meaningful accomplishments require hard work (and sometimes they do).  So when we do anything less that what we consider “hard work” we refuse to fully enjoy and appreciate the accomplishment.  Then we minimize the accomplishment when we speak with others — reminding them that “it’s no big deal, I found this really easy.” And this perpetuates the limited reaction we receive from others too (reflecting our own energy), so others hearing about the “easy” accomplishment think less of it, or they share an equally limiting/negative perspective such as a jealous energy directed towards us (in person or not) or anger because of their own perception of the ease with which they would achieve a similar accomplishment.

We have a choice to either feed into the energy that most of us have been raised with all our lives and this is: life is not easy.  This maintains the public (and many times personal) status quo and we can still move forward in life, perhaps with some difficulty.  Or we can choose to think “life is easy” — and start working with our own hearts and minds in a way that encourages this thought.  Let there be no doubt that many things in life are not easy and many challenges do arise that we would rather not be forced to overcome.  There is an ease however, in knowing that there is a purpose to it all (whether due to a belief in ourselves, in a faith, or belief in a divine universe that has a unique intelligence and direction for mankind), there is peace within the self that can be gained through this perspective.

The language with which we speak to ourselves makes a difference in how we take on any challenge.  We know when we direct any child who thinks he “can’t” ride a bike with “yes you can” or use this same encouragement in other situations, it makes a difference.  It changes the energy with which a person takes on a task, the enthusiasm with which they work through it and the sense of “really trying” at the end of it (regardless of outcome).  So why can’t we look at life in this same way — “this is easy=yes you can” — because it will all make sense one day, but for now you can still commend yourself if what you accomplished today was “easy” — I believe that it’s the attitude you had before beginning your task that allowed you to feel this way.  Of course, every task seems easier once it’s accomplished 😉 but starting with that sense of ease will undoubtedly make the task easier and will certainly make the task feel more enjoyable 🙂

Have an “EASY” day ahead!



Remember: “The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.”
―Martha Washington

2 thoughts on “What if…”

  1. Thank you for sharing! It’s all about perspective, isn’t it. There is no purpose in instilling a sense of difficulty towards meeting life’s challenges but I do know that so many of us had that feeling ingrained into our systems as we were making our way into the world. Like you are saying here, it is true that much of what we want to accomplishments in life can be challenging and that upward movement is required to make it up that mountain. But, why must it be thought of as scary, difficult and stressful (or is it only me? ;). Why not exciting, enriching, strength building etc. I’ll try to think of my challenges in a new light.


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