I often think about life (as many of us do of course).  But as a Health Care Provider, I see many lives affected through the course of an illness, a birth, a death, and like most of us, I wonder “why” certain things happen to certain people.


I have seen and experienced for myself the unique reasons for the “why” when I have least expected it.  Hindsight indeed, is 20/20.  Now more and more, I trust the universe to provide some explanation to my questions of “why” if and when I really need to know. And when I really need to know something (for my own growth or wellness), the universe absolutely provides me with the answers I need.

Positive vs. Negative Events:

When I’m happy, I like to share my happiness — as most people do.  When I’m sad/angry/hurting, I have a tendency to turn inwards as I do not like to share negative energy with others (but watch out if you’re in my path when I’m ready to “share” some anger!).  Oh, I believe we need to express both positive energies and negative feelings.  I just like my balance to favour the positive 🙂

Of course we all know a person (or 2) that loves to share their negative experiences with us.  I don’t believe this is kind to the self or to the listener (unless you’re sharing concerns in a therapeutic relationship specific to working through or sharing negative experiences).  I think that many people don’t allow themselves to fully enjoy their happy moments in their days.  So the mind becomes fixated on the work that didn’t get done, the rude cashier at the store, the bad weather, etc.  How about the person who held the door for you at the subway station, the smile from the stranger on the elevator and the hint of sunshine with the sunrise that same day?  We may be kinder to ourselves and those around us if we allow ourselves to indulge in these positive experiences.

Growth and Kindness:

I love thinking back to experiences where I just KNEW the reasons for an experience for myself, and not realizing the many wonderful ways the same experience was teaching another person in my environment. That was naive.  Growing up, I now understand just how interconnected we are.  What affects me, will undoubtedly affect those around me and each of us will experience the same event slightly differently.  And each of us has an opportunity to grow from our own unique experience and share kindness with others that are working through their own experiences. Or we can choose to be bitter about our difficult learning experiences, angry or jealous over others’ relatively easy successes and share (consciously or subconsciously) this negative energy with each other.

I know that when kindness is shared it is doubled.  I hope our lives continue to inspire each of us to share kindness and compassion with those around us.



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by Hanifa Menen, BSc (Neuropsychology); former ND (now retired after 21 years of practice!) – helping people become empowered through the integration of Eastern Philosophy, Mindfulness-based Training and Energetic Rebalancing

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